Learn how to use Google Trends in SEO

You are probably familiar with these versatile Swiss Army knives. Google Trends or Google Trends (Google Trends) The Swiss Knife is SEOs. A versatile and accessible tool for SEO and site optimization.

If you can only use one SEO tool to develop your internet marketing campaign, rest assured that Google Trend will definitely be one of the best if not the best choice for you.

In this article, you are going to know the Google Trend tool and learn how to work with it visually.

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What is Google Trends?

What does a site or an online store want but to be in the top ranks of Google and crawl crores of users to click on its site and look at it? Yes, we know that the ultimate goal of sites is to increase sales and achievements like this, but believe me it all starts with increasing traffic .

In previous new articles, we said that the first thing you need to do to start SEO and site content is research keywords . Find words that are searched by many users. Keyword research also has its own tools, one of which is Google Trends.

With Google Trends,  not only can you check statistics for a keyword, but you can also compare it to other keywords.

It is true that this tool does not give you accurate statistics like Keyboard Planner; But instead you can compare a few phrases; For example, find out which of the two phrases is searched the most? One more phrase is searched in which city of Iran? What are the search terms related to this word in order?

So what do these hurt you?

Suppose you want to start a clothing business, but at first you do not have enough capital to bring in all kinds of clothing or to have a large target community. Also, you can not jump into the water and go by chance. So you need to choose only one type of clothing at the moment. But which one?

Have you searched for words related to clothing in Keyboard Planner and found that ball gowns and baby clothes are in high demand? But at the moment you are only going to target one of these two; So it’s very easy to get into Google Trend and compare the two terms in terms of search statistics and trends.

This is only part of the story; Finding new and pure ideas for content production, more links and improving SEO and examining brand growth are other benefits of this tool data that you read in this article.

In the following, we will teach you how to work with this efficient tool.

Learn to work with Google Trends

When searching on Google Trend, you can set four variables or parameters for your search (defaults are shown in bold):

  • Selecting a search location: In this section, you can specify your desired country so that only searches in that area are shown to you (Iran is also classified as one of these countries).
  • Search interval: In this section you can specify a specific interval for searches.
  • Thematic categorization Specify the phrase: Search categorization; Arts and Entertainment – Cars and Vehicles – Beauty and Fitness – Books and Literature – Commerce and Industry – Computers and Electronics, etc. are examples of these categories.
  • Search type: In this section, you specify that your search is of photo, image, news … type. (Google Image Search – Google News – Google Shopping – YouTube Search)

You can compare up to 5 searched words or put them all in one group. Each group contains 25 searched words. Consider the following example:

  • Pen + Pencil + Paper (Group 1)
  • Stapler + adhesive tape + ruler (group 2)
  • Eraser + paper clip (group 3)

Use the plus sign + between each word to tell Google that you would like your search to include a pen or pencil or paper.

Google also displays Hot Searches and Top Charts in Google Trend. In this case, the top searches performed that day as well as the most popular searches based on classification are provided to individuals.

It’s great to have all this information and data, but you need to know what you can do with the information. In the following, we will tell you how you can improve your SEO status by using this information.

Research and search for keywords in Google Trends

Since Google Trend does not provide the user with the actual number of searches and only rates the popularity of the terms between 0 and 100 . You can get the best results when you use other Google tools, such as Keyword Planner .

Google Trend shows you how popular a keyword is over a period of time. It also lets you compare the level of interest people have in dependent target phrases. Let’s go to work with Google Trends to learn the different parts of it.

Compare two keywords in search statistics

Suppose you own a web design company. Want to know when the desire to design a site increases? What words are users searching for? Or what keyword can drive more users and customers to you? In the following example, we compared the two keywords website design and website design.

Well, we set these parameters for Iran and the search time from 2004 until today. Using these parameters, it can be seen that Iranians search for these phrases at the end of each year more than at other times of the year. Also, this option shows that Iranian users search for the keyword site design more than website design .

Using this information, we can launch our advertising campaigns at the right time and know when and on what words to prepare our website optimization.

If we want to have more accurate information, it is better to make good use of the filters provided by Google Trend:

As we can see in the picture, from 2014 until today, the overall popularity of both terms has decreased and both have gone through a downward trend; Of course, the word “site design” has increased in 2019, and after a while, it has started to decrease again.

Tip 1:

The search rate of each phrase should be measured by the phrase itself. For example, the drop in the search engine rankings of the phrase site design in Google Trends, from 2014 until now, does not mean that there is no competition in it or there is no search for it. Currently, the phrase site design is one of the most searched and competitive keywords on the Persian web, but its popularity has decreased compared to before.

Tip 2:

Note that Google Trend only shows the search volume based on the chart and between 0 and 100 . As you can see in the image above, the search volume of the site design keyword is shown in the graph with the number 70. But this phrase may be more searched than the one that shows 100 in the Google Trend chart. So be sure to use extra tools like Keyword Planner to know more about word search.

No matter what field you are in, you can use Google Trend to get the right strategy for your advertising campaigns.

(Note: research keywords indispensable step your job because you can see what queries can be many users to a site you go to. After lightly from side . You can also ” investigation period keywords ” fully this skill with Learn different tools).

Geographical targeting

Slightly below the comparison chart, the search volume is compared among Iranian cities; This means that you know in which city of Iran this word is more popular.

This is another feature of Google Trend that divides search-related data by area; This means you can find out in which cities your target keyword is most searched. This information will help you start in a city where your product has a lot of fans and reduce your risk.

As you can see in the figure below, the subject of site design is searched throughout Iran, but the highest search rate for this phrase in the last two years has been from Kermanshah province. Qom and Tehran are the next ranks in site design search.


Now click on the Subregion button. A slider opens. Select the City option to find out in which city this keyword is most popular. As we can see, the keyword site design in Sanandaj and Babol has the most search:

Related Searches

Next to these geographic tables is the Related Queries table. This table shows what other terms people who searched for site design phrase searched for. These phrases are usually related to the keyword of your choice. See the image below:

Well, as you can see, these queries are related to the site design keyword. So we can conclude that the statistics provided can be trusted. You can categorize this query table based on Rising and Top . Rising the table based on Rising means that you want to see queries that have experienced search growth. Also, if you select the Top option, you can see the most popular related queries in search order.

Also, the display of these two types of categories is different from each other. In the Top category, the popularity is displayed based on a score between 0 and 100. But in the Rising category, we only see the growth rate of the popularity of the keyword. Also, you may encounter the phrase Breakout . When this word is used for a particular query, it means that the popularity of this word has grown by more than 5000%.

From the beginning of the article until now, with the Google Trend tool, we have obtained a wealth of useful data and described the basic benefits of this information; Now is the time to use this data! Here are some uses for Google Trends data.

1. News Jacking

According to Mirman Scott, News Jacking is the process of injecting your ideas or information into a breaking news story so that you can gain social media coverage for yourself or your business. If there is a hot topic or a particular trend for a topic, it can be created for News Jacking. This model of work in Iran is called a wave that, contrary to what is in everyone’s mind, is not always negative and can be used to increase the audience.

Just remember that this criticism and news is like a double-edged sword, the same wave that may push you forward, may drown you, so you have to enter into it from all angles.

The News Jacking formula is very simple and easy:

  • Choose a hot topic.
  • Write about it and publish it on your blog or website.
  • Tweet it.
  • Do not be simple (for example, it is better not to invest in tragedies).

To be more precise, in fact, you are looking for hot news related to your field of work (or even outside of it), and by examining that issue from your perspective, you can create a new topic in this field. This way you will be able to attract more traffic to your site.

2. Content production

If you want to develop your own content, Related Queries that Google Trend shows you are a great resource to choose from; Because people are really interested in it.

For example, set the filters to the last 7 days and search for the phrase car. If the word Breakout appears below the ranking, you should know that your search for that phrase or keyword has grown by more than 5000%. At the time of writing, the Renault Sandero Stepway has the highest search volume in the automotive industry.

So if you have a website about cars, publishing a few articles about Renault Sandero Stepway can bring good traffic to your site.

3. Link building

Links are still the main way to get search engine rankings. Now you ask, what does this have to do with Google Trend?
In Google Trend, you will find keywords and topics of the day and generate content based on them. Now you have content that many people are looking for and that will generate a lot of traffic for you.

Now it’s time to link. Use this popular content and put your valuable links in it. This way you can direct users to other parts of your site and take them to more important parts.

When you want to measure the results of your content marketing, the link is the measure of success; Of course, if your link building is done in a principled and correct way.

4. Video content

When you set the search trend in Google based on the YouTube parameter, the results you see will be different because the words you entered will be searched in YouTube videos. Now you can either, or how popular these video files are; Follow the same steps to do this:

  • Sign in to Google Trend.
  • Enter your desired keyword.
  • Change the Web search parameter to YouTube.
  • Now review the results.

(Be sure to put the search location on YouTube for YouTube searches; due to the filtering of YouTube, Iran’s location will not be registered in the searches)

As you review the results, you should ask yourself two questions:

  • Are there any ideas that you can use to produce your content ?
  • Is there a trend that you can invest in?

This information will also be useful for optimizing video files:

  • Choose an attractive and awesome title
  • Use the appropriate tags
  • Video description optimization

5. Monitor brand growth

This option will be useful and effective for brands whose brand name is highly searched. In the example you see, the results of three of the four competitors that exist are stable and do not fluctuate much, but Samsung seems to be having a good day compared to its competitors.


Google has always been looking for fresh and pure content. Google Trend is the best tool available for developing content generation ideas and can be useful in attracting more traffic and more links. If you have not used this tool to improve your site SEO, you should start working. This tool can give you a wide view of the digital marketing situation of the day. As mentioned earlier, you can choose the best time to launch advertising campaigns by examining controversial topics and viewing their search results.

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