How to send notifications without plugin?

In this content wants to talk to you about how to send notifications without using a plugin, so stay tuned. In this article,

You will be introduced to FoxPush ,

Know the features of the FoxPush tool ,

You will see the registration tutorial on the FoxPush site ,

Learn how to customize your notification message,

You will know the color settings of the notification box,

You will get acquainted with the process of creating notifications in WordPress, and

You will see a sample notification message.

How to send WordPress notifications without the need for a plugin

If you want to explore how to create notifications in WordPress, stay tuned for the rest of this article; Finally, get acquainted with sending notifications without using the plugin.

Today, with the expansion of online businesses, the growth of online stores and marketing methods and customer acquisition has changed more than ever. You are already familiar with many methods in the field of online marketing such as email marketing, social media activity, landing page creation , internet based advertising and so on. In this article, we intend to deal with a new and more attractive way to attract the audience.

It must have occurred to you that when you enter a website, a notification message is displayed on the website page asking you to register on that site to stay up to date with the specific news and announcements of that website. Get it. This method of marketing is called notification marketing, which has a very effective role in increasing the site click-through rate , attracting more customers and increasing sales.

Services used to send WordPress notifications without the need for plugins

FoxPush tool is a new technology for creating notifications in WordPress that does not require a plugin and is a very smart, simple and purposeful tool for webmasters. By registering for free on FoxPush, you can register up to 50,000 users on your WordPress site to send notifications. With this tool, you will be able to access your website visitors at any time and place , even when the browser is closed .    

FoxPush service features

If you want to know more about this plugin, you should know its main and most important features.

  • WordPress SEO Training
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Support for multiple browsers (including FireFox , Safari , and Opera )
  • Supports multiple mobile tablet PCs
  • Support for emoji types
  • Ability to access visitors at any place and time
  • Ability to send messages at any time
  • Ability to send messages on different occasions, announcing news, announcing discounts, etc.
  • Ability to target and select the desired location (city, country, etc.)
  • Ability to categorize users based on their interests
  • Content personalization capability (such as adding contact name, alert title, etc.)
  • Target users based on their age, gender and language
  • Create deeper interaction with contacts
  • Increase click-through rate and page views

How to register on the FoxPush site 

First, log in to and click on Sign up for FREE at the top of the page. The registration form then appears as shown below, where you must complete the required information.


Complete the FoxPush registration form

To complete the foxpush registration form, you must complete the following:

Name : Enter your name in this field.

Email Address : In this field, enter your email address.

Password : Enter the password of your choice to join and log in to this website.

Website URL : Enter your website URL without WWW , HTTPS , or HTTP .

Mobile Number : Enter your mobile number in this field.

After entering all the required information, click on the Sign up option . You will then be taken to another page where you must click on the Click Here to Sign in option to be taken to another page asking you to re-enter the email address and password you entered in the previous step.

Foxpush Login Form

After entering all the information, select the SIGN IN option . On the next page, which is related to your welcome to the site, you must click on the Next option . In the next step, as shown in the image below, you must select the layout and template that displays the WordPress notification membership message.

Layout selection (template)

To choose the right template, it is better to know the following steps:

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Native Opt-In : This option, known as Classic mode, appears in the form of a small window at the beginning of the browser’s address bar and contains a message to the user whether he wants to receive the notification or not. If approved, the user will subscribe to the notifications, and if not approved, the membership message will no longer be displayed.

Box Request : In this case, a message box will appear in the middle of the browser’s address bar and at the top of the page.

Overlay Request : In this situation, the image above the message box will appear in the middle of the page.

Icon Request : With this option, an icon-like message box will be displayed in the bottom corner of the screen.

After selecting the template type, click Next . On the next screen, you must enable the Allow prompt message option and customize the text to be displayed in the notification window.

Click Allow prompt message if you need to activate the instant messaging feature .

Activate the ability to send instant messages

This message is displayed to the contact as shown above and at the same time as a small window appears in the browser’s address bar on the page. In the final stage, a piece of JavaScript code on the page you’re viewing, specific to your site caused the browser to display the box Receive notifications have this code before the tag <head />,  file Header.php in Enter your site template and finally click the Finish button .

Personalize the notification message

To enter and customize the text of the alert message from the admin panel of the FoxPush site, click the Settings menu and then the Customize option . 

Notification box title : Select the name of the notification window

Side Notification button : Select a shorter title for the subscription button in the notification window

Notification box description : Select a custom description in the notification window

Allow button : Custom text for the confirmation button

Deny button : The text for the opt-out option

Direction Site : if Rastchyn the site, have the option RTL and if Chpchyn the option LTR Select

Notification box color settings

Color personalized box to view a notification in WordPress dashboard to the site menu ( Settings ) , and then click CSS Settings option.

Css settings in Foxpush

This page is for background color, text color, button background color, and button text color settings.

Create notifications in WordPress

To send a WordPress notification, from the FoxPush site dashboard on the left side of the page, select Campaigns , and then click New Campaign .

Build a new campaign

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Campaign Name : Assign a name to the new alert (mandatory field)

Title : Enter the warning title (mandatory field)

Message : Enter a warning description (mandatory field)

URL : Enter the URL of the desired website

GEO Target : Specify location by country

Require Interaction : By activating this option, notifications are easily available on the desktop until the user approves or rejects the notification.

Share Button : Enable this option to add share buttons to your notification

Schedule Notification : You can send custom notifications based on schedule

Preview : Gives you a preview of the changes made

UTM Option : This option allows you to view site statistics and includes 3 parameters:

Source : The first parameter is to select the input source such as Telegram, Instagram or Twitter

Medium : Specifies the type of link to send. For example, it uses cpc for click-through ads and Banner for banner ads .

Campaign : When you have more than one campaign, this parameter lets you know which campaign the entries belong to.

Target Device : Support for the type of device you want (desktop, mobile, tablet or all)

Survey Option : Enable receiving user feedback on a specific topic

Icon : By activating the Default icon option , you can upload an icon for your alert. (Icon size is 192 × 192)

Poster : By activating the Allow Poster option, you can upload a poster for your alert, thus increasing the click-through rate of your page (poster size is 360 skin 240 pixels and can be used in PNG and JPG format )

After completing the information, to check the notification preview, you should click on the Action button and select the option ( only you Preview)   , after ensuring that the notification works properly, this time you need to select the Send Now option from the Action option .

I hope this article has been able to help you send notifications without plugins.

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